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We have more than 16 Years of Web Design and Web Development Experience in Canada.

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web design and web development
web design and web development

Mir8 is one of the best cost competitive web design and web development tech company. Therefore, we offer some very competitive packages, starting for just $299 that includes free:

  • Domain, 
  • Hosting,
  • SSL,
  • Emails,
  • Contact Forms.
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About Mir8.ca

Mir8 is a graphic design, web design and web development company in Canada. Our team has succeeded in creating reliable web products to serve small and large businesses since 2004. 

We have designed and developed many websites, using many web design tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash, HTML, Oracle and SQL for the database management, and finally WordPress. As a result, we understand different tools and skills to obtain a good and reliable design. Above all, we understand how to connect an overall design to its fundamental business needs.

A brief Background of Our Web Design History

We are a Canadian web developer company. Our first web design experience was at the University of Ottawa in summer of 2004.

The first design was a website for a Student Association. Their website was an informational platform for the University students. In addition, the goal was to promote students’ activities, social events and their latest news at the University. Although, the first website functionality was a very basic in design,  it became a hit. As a result, many students found it very interesting. They looked into that site for searching new information about the student social life and all the activities at the campus, for instance.   

Why do you need a website for your business?

A website is very important for your business because it impacts how your audience become aware or conscious about your brand. In other words, a website is important for visibility

A website with a good design and some good information, could save you the cost of advertisement, printing cost, and the cost of publishing a catalog.  Above all, it creates business trust and credibility. 

In conclusion, website works well in any type of business. No matter of what the level of your business or activity is, a website can promote good will among your customers, generate more customers, and deliver strong marketing messages. Therefore, no matter if your business is small, large or in-between, well established or brand new, it is always beneficial and profitable. 

Having a good web design, a good  graphic design,  and a good business logo are essential for any business website.  Through the years of  web developing, we have learned how to connect the customers  to their business needs, using advance designs and better layouts for their business websites.  As a result, we have gained enough experience and skills. 

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We are a Canadian Web design & web development company.

We offer different packages for your business, based on your need and your budget. So, you can always find a package that could be fit with the size of your business and activities. Above all, designers should always keep their users in mind.

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Numbers Always Speak For Themselves!

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