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Web Design Packages Overview
 Package OptionsTypePage NumbersStorageEmail AccountsDomainsSSLPriceSEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Basic For a small business2 pages 5 GB 211$300$100
BusinessFor a mid-size business3 pages10 GB 511$400$140
ProFor a large business4 pages50 GB1011$450$150
ExpertFor a corporate business5+ pages100 GB2522$500$200
  • Any additional page will be calculated as an additional $100 for each of the web design packages.

Four different web design packages options are available based on your business’s needs. 

All packages based on one year contract, including one year free domain ($11 value), one year free SSL Certificate ($30 value), one year free email(s), and one year free support ($120 value). 

You can select and add your additional optional domains based on the prices that are provided on the domain section of this page. 

You could use our support for all the web design packages to update your information during the time of  your contract.  Check our page, About, to know more our background

Domains Overview

To be eligible to register a . ca domain name, you must be a registered Canadian business with a Canadian address.

The domain .com is an international standard domain, for an international or local business. 

Web Design Packages

The domain .net is used for the internet, hosting, networking, database hosting, email , or similar services. 

Web Design Packages

The domain .shop is used for the online sellers, shop-on-line services, and an online business. 

Web Design Packages

The domain .me is used for a personal domain, and to personalize the business’s online presence. It is also the country code for Montenegro.

Web Design Packages

The domain .online is considered to be a new generic top level domain, being used for mostly the assigned names and numbers.

Web Design Packages

The domain .org is mostly used for the non-profit organisations, and for the community websites.

You can add extra domains to your web design packages.  Depending on the nature of business, location, and country, you have many options to select your domain.

Web Design Packages

The domain .info is used for general purposes, derived from the word information. It is mostly being used for an informational based website.

The domain .club is used  to target their specific audiences in certain  associations, interest groups, clubs, celebrities, sports, organizations, and even some united businesses.

The domain .blog is mostly used by bloggers to share stories, articles, photos, videos online with a certain group of people or being open to everyone to add their articles and blogs.  

The domain .co offers a global option for branding a business  with representation of an international company or corporation. It is also the domain code for Colombia.

The domain .app is a short form of the word application often used in the IT-sector, by developer companies, app-support services or other useful related products and tools.

Graphic & Logo Design
A unique logo represents your business online

You can add Logo to your web design packages. 
Graphic-designs and logo-designs services are available:

Basic Business logo: $50 + tax
Pro-Business logo: $100 + tax
Business Graphic Design: range between $150 – $400
Poster design for Publication: $40
Pictures and photo-editing: $5 per picture

  • There are many ways to increase traffic to your website. You can read this article for more info: 25 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website
  • A good design of a website is important.  However, the security of your website is as important too. The SSL provide a security umbrella to protect your web personal information against the hackers. In addition, your website needs to be search engine optimized, because that helps to increase the web traffic of your site. Moreover,  Your site should have relevant and a good informational site for visitors. Otherwise, you will lose the web traffic.  
  • The domain’s name of your site is the first identity of your site. In other words, Th domain is your first business ID. Therefore choosing the right name is crucial. Yet, it is not easy. The shorter the domain name is the better to remember and better the value in domain sales market. Usually most short and unique words are taken. Specially it is the case with  the “.com” domain. As a result, you may want to select other domains such as (.ca , .net, .co, .blog,…).    


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